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    Backplane for LSI RAID Card


      Dear Community!  We have bought a new LSI 9260-4i RAID card. It has 4 internal ports. We run an ESXi server system on an Intel S5520 motherboard which is packed into an Intel SC5650DP server chassis. We would like to create 2 separate RAID 10 arrays with 8(4-4) Disk Drives, but the RAID card we bought has only 4 ports. How could we connect 8 disk driver into the card? The specification of the card contains support for 32 disk drives.  Is there any way to plug 4 drives separately to different ports? If it is possible could you recommend a nice backplane solution for SC5650DP which help us do this job?  Thank you for the answers!  Jeremy

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          Expander backplanes can support multiple SAS or SATA drives with a single SAS HBA (controller) port. Intel has 4 and 6 drive expander backplanes that are compatible with the SC5650. See the Spare Parts and Configuration Guide for the SC5650 for more information.




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            Thank you! That is a very useful document.


            We have checked this AXX6DRV3GEXP backplane. It seems this can contains 6 hot-swap drives but requieres only 2 ports on the controller. We would like to set-up an array without the backplane this time (just connect 4 drives to each ports and set up a RAID 10 array).


            Later when we buy this backlane, do we have chance to set up two arrays with it in this way?

            - Disconnect the 4 drives form the LSI card

            - Connect the backplane into 2 separate ports of the controller

            - Put the disconnected 4 drives into the backplane (with the existing RAID 10 array)

            - Put extra 2 drives into the backplane


            In this way can we use/recognize the existing RAID 10 array and set up another RAID 1 array with the extra 2 drives?


            Thank you for the answers!



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              You should be able to do that, but it's really up to the controller. I'd check with LSI to be sure. I'd also perform a bcakup before you reconfigure to protect your data just in case.