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    Intel X25-M 80GB in RAID 5


      The results can be found here for anyone interested.


      The thing I would like to ask which really only someone at Intel can answer is.


      In the help contents under Managing the storage system > setting the data strip size the Solid state disks default & setting up is listed as 128KB for RAID 5, has 128KB strip size been tested to be the best setting for RAID 5 with Intel’s SSD to be listed as this default? as RAID 0 & 10 for SSD is 16KB.


      Thanks if you can answer that one.

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          Hello, I would like to let you know that unfortunately Intel does not provide any strip size we recommend to use the defaults on your controller.

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            So you recommend that I use the defaults...nothing more then that even for SSD?

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              As far as I understand it the smaller the strip the higher the IOPS, but the lower in throughput. Raid 0 is completely OTT for non-enterprise use however giving little if any benefit.

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                But with lower access times on SSD a small strip-size will likely not lower the throughput that much which is the only reason I can think of that Intel listed the default for RAID 0 at 16KB but not RAID 5...so I was thinking that because RAID 5 does parity and RAID 0 does not that a higher strip-size for SSD in RAID 5 will wearout the SSD less faster than a smaller strip-size would.


                The defaults for RAID 0 when RST detects SDD goes to 16KB which is a big change from 128KB for when it detects HDD but RAID 5 it sets a high strip-size.


                Its listed in the help contents with.


                “The strip size refers to each logical contiguous data block used in a RAID 0, RAID 5, or RAID 10 volume. This setting is not available for RAID 1 or recovery volumes, due to their redundant configuration. The default value is the recommended strip size for best performance, based on the system configuration and the types of disks that are connected to your computer; changing the pre-selection is best suited for advanced users.”


                So I just leave it as that.