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    SSL Connection failed in  tcp_connect on HP7800 using RCT provisioning


      I am provisioning HP7800p systems using RCT. From 7800, RCT ran fine for sending hello packages and exit code 0. It is the SCS server side that showed the error log as below.


          *2008-04-04 18:30:16,Cannot handle provisioning exception:

      (0xCFFF06AC) SOAP Failure (23): getFullCoreVersion:

      SSL_ERROR_SSLerror:14094438:SSL     routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1 alert internal

      error - SSL connect failed in tcp_connect().,Error,,66A87859-E098-11DC-BBDA-0BAF9FDD001E,dc7800-clone.k12.ca.us,PROVISIONSERVER,3489596262,10*






      But the same server setting, same client HECI/LMS drives, and same RCT binary worked for some of 7800 vPro clients. The BIOS and FW is factory default with AMT 3.0. Appreciate your help to identify the problem.