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    dx58so compatibility


      hello every one i am a new member and i want help, i am about to buy this ocz pci drive OCZSSDPX-1RVD0080 and i want to know if this drive is full compatible with my motherboard (dx58so) i want to use it for bootable drive,my motherboard support pci boot?thanks in advance.

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          Unfortunately, we do not have a tested PCIe* card list that we can share with you.  Generally, as long as the PCI Express* card complies with the PCI Express* Technology, however, it should work; for further details on this technology, please, refer to the following URL:




          You could also double-check with the manufacturer of the card in question to see if they have a desktop board compatibility list of their own.


          As for the board supporting PCI boot from such SSD drive, we confirm that, BIOS-wise, there's no option to allow that.  As long as the option ROM on the card permits it, though, there should theoretically be no problems.  However, to be 100% sure, you may want to check this, too, with the card manufacturer.