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    DH55TC Ram Timings


      Hi Guys


      I need some help, I have a DH55TC Motherboard and I'm running an i5 750 on it. I would like to know how to change my RAM timings on this motherboard as I can't find the options yet I have updated my BIOS to the latest today



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          If you are using SPD Ram the BIOS will automatically set the timings . the only reason you should have to change the timings is you are using the wrong RAM.

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            In my case, I have installed a Patriot PGV34G1333ELK Sector 5 (2x2GB) PC10666 RAM Kit in a DH55TC board with i3 540 processor. The system is working fine but the memory is working at 1066 mHz instead of the 1333 that is said to support. Also, if I access the BIOS settings it won't let me change the frequency. I buyed the Patriot RAM Kit because it says it is specifically designed for the H55 chipset. Is it something with the memory latencies or anything else that might go wrong? Please help here.


            Sergio Alejandro

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              Return the Ram you have and get DDR3-1333-10600, the Ram you have is 10666, means it has a extra 66Mhz , and the BIOS is looking for 10600. I have heard of people getting 10666 to work but it's always Buggy at best, on some boards it will not even POST.

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                http://http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220537    This will work and run at 1333 , and it's cheap.

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                  Thanks a lot, Robert for all your kind help. In my case, returning the memory is not an option. If you have advice on how to make it work, even buggy, throw it to me, otherwise I'll have to stay at lower speed until I can trade or buy some new memory modules because from Cuba I don't have access to return the purchased memory. Thanks again

                  Sergio Alejandro

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                    You see the problem is in the way the BIOS looks at the RAM , So I can't help you there , that would mean writing a new BIOS , just run it at slow speed until you can get the right RAM, Run this at 1.6 volts and it will be rock solid and stable. For a long time. right now i'v got two machines running 8GB each No Problems. Model Crucial /  CT2KIT25664BA1339

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                      Robert, does this mean that the Corsair memory I purchased

                      Details for              CMX8GX3M2A1333C9



                      Memory Type
                      DDR3-1333 (XMS3-10600C9*8GB*V)                
                      8GB Kit (2 x 4GB)
                      240-pin DIMM
                         Heat Spreader


                      should work in the sister Intel DH55HC MB?  I've been searching all over trying to get a good idea if it will work or not.  I have a thread started here on the subject.  Sorry for the hijack. Jim.

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                        is it possible to override the 1.5 v memory voltage to set it up to 1.65 v in the BIOS manager?