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    Recover from s5000vsa crash


      I have a Windows 2003 server that has crashed.  It has an s5000vsa mb in a SC5299-E case.  My customer turned it off last night because it was rebooting every couple of hours.  When I went in today to take a look at it, it will not boot at all.  I get green lights briefly on both of the dual power supplies (they are plugged into separate UPS system which are supporting other equipment and are NOT overloaded) but they both turn amber after about a minute.  The status light on the back of the motherboard is green and no other LEDs are lit.  The Status light on the front panel flashed green.  However, when I try to power up the unit, I get NOTHING - no beeps, no lights, no fans, nothing.  I have unplugged both power supplies from the wall, removed & reseated them to no avail.


      I have two issues:


      1.  How do I get this thing to boot again??

      2.  Is there any way I can take the hard disks (Raid 1) from this machine & get them to boot on a s5000psl motherboard?  I tried it but keep getting a bsod with a 7b error code.  How can I get these drives to boot on that motherboard?