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    Do I need a Firmware Upgrade/ why is Intel SSD Opt in red


      In drive information (Intel toolbox 2.0) on my Intel SSD x25-M 80g silver case, It says I have Firmware version 2CV102HD. Thge firware updater tool tips (before you downlaod) says it upgrades firmware to 02HD whihc matches the last 4 of my FW version.  Do I have the Most up to Date Version?


      If I ahve the most up to date version, Why in the SSD Toolbox 2.0 "Does it say tool is not supported on selected drive" on the SSD optimizer.


      Running Windows 7 62 bit with the 1 80g SSD and a 120WD  (not raided to my knowledge). Games Virus and OS are on SSD, the WD120 is used for ITunes storage, my music,downlaods docs, etc....


      (I ran the ISO firmware boot disk, hit yes to read and agree, and when searching for a ssd drive it said "not found".


      I read somewhere that Windows 7 automatically performs trim?  is that true?  do I need to worry about it?