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    ESRT2 Virtual Drive - can't change/set policies


      I created a mirror set via hitting ctrl-E when booting, for the system drive.  I then installed Windows 2008r2, and the ESRT2 RAID Web Console 2.


      Via that console I created another RAID1 virtual drive using two more drives.  Then a third virtual disk as RAID0.


      I noticed that the original mirror set has:

          Disk Cache Policy: Enable

          Read Policy: Always Read Ahead

          Current Write Policy: Write Back


      The two new VD's I created have these policies:

          Disk Cashe Policy: Disable

          Read Policy: No Read Ahead

          Write Policy: Write Through


      I attempted to change those policies, but the drop-downs only contain the current setting - for example, on the "Set Virtual Drive Properties" page, next to "Read Policy" is a drop down - but it only has "No Read Ahead" listed.


      I even dropped the RAID0 virtual drive and recreated it using the advanced options - I was not given anything but the choices listed.


      Why can I not set these policies?