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    introduction to ssd

      I just purchased my first ssd and there are a series of questions. I have explored the site and have been left confused in terminology . To the point, i got the x25-m 160 gb SSDSA2MH160G2R5 and i just purchased the windows 7 premium upgrade. With typical hard drives you format the hard drive and then install the OS. From what i am reading is about trim and various setting that i need to do before i even install the OS or SSD. Wondering if there was a guide, i could read or if you guys can lead me in the right direction in terms of order i should set up everything. trying to understand tool box and trim and bios settings that i need to install drive into my pc. If there is a youtube video or anything step by step i'd be glad to read or view those as well any and all advice or instructions is helpful. Probably make a good sticky for most introductory users