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    P55 Chipset / iPhone problem... Has it been solved?

      I recently got a new PC, and, lo and behold, it contains the infamous P55 Chipset. Apparently there was a pretty big stink about iPhone compatibility errors back around Nov. 2009; folks with this chipset couldn't sync their iPhone to iTunes without getting a very specific and strange error. In all of my searching for a way to solve this problem, I haven't been able to discover a solution -- just searching the Internet gives me all of the original buzz about this issue, and no resolution. So, has it been fixed? I have no idea if it has, since searching for an updated BIOS for what i assume is my chipset on the Intel website leaves me with nothing. For the record, here's what my device manager has to say:


      Intel(R) P55 Express Chipset Interface Controller - 3B02


      Any help with this would be appreciated. I need to restore from backup to access all the content that used to be on my iPhone, but I can't do that until it learns to play nice with my PC.