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    Does DP55SB work with Clarkdale processors?


      I recently purchased the DP55SB with an i5-670 processor.  The system would not boot up and I realized that the BIOS had to be upgrade.  So I purchased a i5-760 just to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version 5531.  I think this is ridicuous that the motherboard requires a BIOS upgrade to support some i5 processors when its advertised to work with the latest Intel processors.   Intel should take some responsibility to print which processors the board are currently compatible rather than having their customers find out the hard way.....anyway, I digress from frustration...


      Even with BIOS 5531, my i5-670 processor still does not boot up.  The boot code shows what looks like Eb (EB I presume versus E6).   I have removed the battery from the motherboard to clear out the CMOS, reset the BIOS to default setting and nothing works.   The DP55SB only boots up with the i5-670.


      I have searched through the internet and in this forum but can't find a lot of useful information.  I've also noted that a lot of people are having the same problem with the Clarkdale processors not booting up with the latest BIOS but don't see any follow up conversations. So what is the deal?!?  Are there still compatibility issues?  It shouldn't be this hard to get an Intel processor to work with an Intel motherboard.


      Has anyone gotten their Clarkdale process to work on this motherboard.  If so, can you please explain how?!


      I'm running short on returning my processors and I need to make a decision soon.  thanks.