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    DH55TC booting problem


      I bought a DH55TC mobo with i3 530 processor,with 2Gigs of DDR3 1333Mhz about a month back.It was working smoothly until today in the morning.When today,I pressed the power button,the power LED came up,the SMPS fan and the pro cooler fan started,but monitor remained in standby,and there were no beeps. I dont know how to get the PC up n running.Please help.I have a project due in 2 days.Have no hard copy and the soft copy's on the PC.

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          well,as we all know, i3 has its own in-built graphics. The thing is,the HDMI or the DVI-D or the normal conventional monitor outputs are on the MB.So,the graphics support available on the processor has to be routed through the MB.I found out today that this same problem has occured and is occuring to many people both on the PJ and TC variants.The culprit here is the mobo itself.Intel should take notice and supply us with replacements,not the same 'warranty' stuff again.They told me to wait for at least a month while they send it to Singapore and back.So,the ultimate victim is me.Like I have nothing else to do!!!!!!!Who's gonna do all my work.....u guys at Intel???

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            I am facing the same frustrating problem...i bought my dh55tc 3 month back.after one month the The PROBLEM occured.no signal on my Lcd......service centre took 1 month just to replace it with a new one......after using for mere 25 days...the PROBLEM is back again.......i am totally frustrated..intel should replace all these faulty model immidietely with a flawless MB...........i have heard from the computer shop they sold 3 of this.......EVERY PIECE IS RETURNED WITH THE SAME PROBLEM..plz do something.....just humming the tone.(bam ..Bam Bam Bam...bam) will not do work..