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    Finding the right motherboard


      I have an Intel (R) 2 Quad processor.  I bought an off the shelf  Acer computer 3 years ago.  I bought it mainly for the processor.  I want to be able to expand and not be limited, or have to buy a new computer every time I need more speed.

      Lately I've been having problems with this thing.  Don't know anything about rebuilding a computer but I'm willing to learn.  It has an Acer FG965M motherboard on it right now with a 500GB HD (Western Digital)   My system restore no longer works nor does the AutoPlay.    I can't boot from CD because the AutoPlay won't recognize there is something in the bay and open it.    I have a program called Macrium Reflect for creating ISO images of the HD.  It's similar to Acronis True Image for those of you who may be more familiar with that one.

      I looked at the list of compatible motherboards but don't know if the board is classic or what, nor do I know where to look to find out??  I would like to replace both the HD and the motherbd, but I want stuff that is compatible.   (I'm running Vista Home Premium w/SP2 32 bit but want to change to 64 bit).

      Just buying a new computer isn't an option as I have a dial-up modem and I've been told they don't put them in anymore.  Everything is set up for either cable or wireless.   Besides there is nothing wrong with this one that new insides can't fix.

      Any advice???


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          Dear George,

                                   I am using core 2Quad E8400 processor and DG45ID intel mother board for the last one year. It is quiet good for my work. I am doing video editing and designing jobs. Only 1 GB RAM I using but it works fine.You did n't mention processor No. I think it is good for you. It only compatible SATA Hard discs and DVI or HDMI Monitor. I recommended it.Goodluck


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            check out evga they have an evga 750 sli ftw mobo under their bstock section for like 70 bucks, you will be able to use your ram that you have on your system already and use the processor you have and should be able to run the gtx 460 in sli. they also have the evga gtx 460 for $150.

            i am running a single evga gtx 460 on my 790i board and it runs every game i throw at it in high settings.

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              Sorry about that, the processor is a Q6600.  Most of my work is design.  I'm not into gaming but still need a good graphics card.   The better the presentation looks the better the chances of my selling the job.  I design custom kitchens.

              My HD is a SATA RAID, but I'm going to replace it and may just put in Sata and skip the RAID.  I don't know what it does????  MY monitor is set up for VGA, but it also came with a HDMI cable.   I have a dial-up service.


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                I'm not a gamer so if you could put that into simpler terms it would help.   If I interpret it right evga is the video card??  I don't know what sli ftw motherboard.  means though.  I do like the price range.   Right now I have an ATI 1650 256MB.  It's ok but way out dated.   It's running on the legacy driver because of the age of it.    I need the equivalent of that or better.   Better would be good, but $150 would be max on the budget for a video card    My HD may be having issues, that or the motherbd is.  Can't figure out which.   Suddenly I don't have any system restore and the AutoPlay doesn't work either.   I've run a repair on it (Vista Home Prem w/SP2) twice now.   I'm about ready to wipe the HD and do a fresh install.


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                  Right Now the Best 775 Mother board you can get is the (  DX48BT2  ) There's a guy on ebay selling New ones for 160.00. Great board good $