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    DP45SG Temperture


      Update on Ram issue with DP45SG,swapped out the memory in exchange for XMS3 High Performance,the model I am now using is still 10666,TW3X4G1333C9,the system booted up with all slots loaded with total 8 GB of memory,I did not change anything in BIOS, it still will re-boot when you first push the power button on


      Now,On to the Temp any help can be given as to how hot should the CPU and Case temp should be,I have speed fan installed and when I check the monitor it shows the CPU at 56 C and the case temp is at 35 C,I have three fans all 120mm front intake Side  and Rear Exhaust,also does it matter to have an LED fan as back exhaust fan,also their is a front panel temp monitor it reads the SYS @ 35 C and CPU@ 31,but I have noticed that temp will rise from 25 C when the computer is first turned on,the CPU Fan is a Zalman CNPS9500,case NZXT Apollo Blk