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    Mobo Vs Ram...which 1 is the culprit ??


      have a dg45id mobo which apparently has 4 ram slots of 2gigs 800mhz each '

      lets name the 4 ram slots as a,b,c and d.

      i have 2 ram sticks of transcend ddr2 800 mhz each

      the prob starts here ...

      1. if i install 1 ram stick in slot a or b....comp boots and works flawlessly
      if i install either of these ram sticks in slot c and d....i get the beep sound and no display at all !

      2.now if i install both the ram sticks in slot a and b then i get no display at all but no beep sound either

      3.then if i remove my graphic card and keep the display to the onboard graphics with both the ram sticks in slots a and b.... then i do get the display but then if i boot my win 7..the comp restarts and on xp...i get BSOD with the foll error


      and at the bottom its wrritten

      ACPI.sys_address BA77AA97 base at BA779000 Date Stamp 4117A27

      i have no clue what this means ....experts pls pour in ur views...

      4.Further...on the slots c and d ....if i put both the ram sticks i hear the beep sound.

      5. then at times....if i keep my display on graphic card then then i dont get display most of the times...i have to remove nd reinsert the ram stick several times before i see the display...which is very frustrating..

      6. on onboard graphics i get proper display as and when if i remove or add ram sticks...other than the bsod if both the ram sticks are together on slots a and b

      i have run a memory diagonistics nd found no errors so far...

      Now the question is what should i do....is Mobo at fault...or the graphic card...or the ram sticks

      Noob ques : is it possible that i m not inserting the ram sticks properly...as far as i knw ...there is only one way in which the ram stick goes into the slot....right ?

      Please put in ur views....i m gonna go 2moro to rma my mouse...pls let me knw if my mobo or ram are at fault....so that i can them along as well...

      Thanx is the least i can say !!

      looking forth for the solutions ...bare me for my limited knowledge

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          further one more thing...i went thru the manual of my mobo and apparently one slot has always to be filled if i m havin more than one stick...so according to manual DIMM 0 should always be filled...
          now i did this according to the manual....i installed one stick on dimm 0 as per manual and one on other slot and then again in XP i got BSOd but this tym with foll error :

          Page Fault in Non Paged Area..
          problem casued by Classpnp.sys

          what does this indicate...a faulty ram stick..perhaps ?

          but strange thing is i repeated the above config with a diff ram stick which works when alone in one of the slot...but i got beep sound with the combination

          and one last thing...as per my namin convention...no matter which ram stick i put in slots c and d i always get a beep sound...and except if i install all three ram sticks then there is no beep sound but no display either