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    DG41RQ desktop board booting very slower with Windows XP




      Recenlty i upgraded my system from old motherboard to the recent one.


      I upgraded to DG41RQ motherboard with 4GD DDR2 RAM pertaining my old hard drives.


      I have 2 hard drives(Seagate) of different RPM. One with 40 GB and other with 160 GB.


      I made my 40 GB harddrive as the master drive and installed Operating system into that to boot. Both hard drives are connected to motherboard using IDE cable for PATA device.


      Processor : Intel Quad Processor.


      Although of higher configuration as mentioned above, i see a performance issue while booting and as well during the usage of applications.


      Can somebody provide me a solution in improving the Performance of system?



      Ramkumar A D