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    Active System Console questions


      I'm running Intel Active System Console 4.2 on my newest server, a S3420GPLX, XEON 3440, Intel SC5299DP chassis, Kingston approved-memory-list memory, Win2008r2.  A couple days ago, I had some random reboots and the Alert light started blinking.  I looked in IASC, and saw DIMM A1 was the troublemaker, having had a few recoverable memory events, and some critical ones (all coinciding with the reboots).


      I swapped out the DIMM pair with a new pair...  Then went into IASC and deleted the offending events (neglecting to close them first).  The Alert light on the chassis is now fine, but every time I start IASC, it still shows the red critical icon next to DIMM A1.  There have been no more memory events, and the server has been running stable.  How do I get that icon reset so that it doesn't keep indicating there's a problem with A1?