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    Buy core i3 with C2 or wait for i3 with K0 stepping?


      Intel has released a new K0 stepping for some of its older dual-core Core i3 and Core i5 processors, as TPU reported. The new stepping will apply a few tweaks and updates within the CPU architecture. Perhaps they OC better as well. These chips will be available on October 16, 2010.

      Does anyone have any suggestions whether I should purchase older core i3 with C2 stepping (SLBLR) or wait for new core i3 with K0 stepping (SLBX7)?

      Compared with C2,change for KO is as follows:
      * New S-spec and MM numbers for the converting products
      * Extended CPUID will change from 0×00020652 to 0×00020655
      * Host RevID will change from 0×12 to 0×18
      * K0 stepping package is pin compatible with C2 stepping package
      * Adds Processor Context ID (PCID) support

      What is the difference in term of performance between C2 and K0?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions

      Thank everyone very much for any suggestions