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    Asus Laptop

      Ok my son was having some serious issues with his OS from adware and viruses. So I replaced windows 7 with a valid vista 64 bit OS onto the asus. Everything loaded right but now I can't get the PC to recognize the internet or network adapter.  I have tried copying driver files over to no avail. The device manager shows standard VGA graphics adapter with yellow yield sign, ethernet, network controller, unknown device, and video controller with yellow yield sign. Devices are not working because system is missing drivers or does not recognize device.  I am to my wits end here. Can anyone help?

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          Sounds like driver issues allright. Did you down load Vista drivers or are you trying to force the win7 drivers to load into vista


          If you go to ASUStek web site ( http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us) and enter you model they may have drivers posted for Vista.


          If not, you can try finding them by component,but you will need to know a lot more about the specific video, audio, nic, chipset and any other options in the laptop than most folks know. If you don't find the drivers you need at the link above, come on back and we can try to piece together what you need.