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    Laptop wireless set up problem

      I am trying to connect a Dell laptop to my wireless system. The Intel PROset/Wireless wizard on the laptop asks for a Device Ownership Password for the 2Wire device. The password printed on the device is 10 digits. The wizard will only allow me to enter 8 digits. What do I do?

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          Instead of allowing the software to prompt you for a device  ownership password configure a new profile using the correct SSID, security type and password.  Then click connect.


          Take following steps:

          1. Start Proset Utility
          2. Click Pofiles
          3. Click Add
          4. Give it any name
          5. Enter correct SSID (network name, case sensitive)
          6. Select Network button
          7. Click Next
          8. Select security WPA2 personal TKIP or AES COMP are most common now.  You should know what  type you are using. Try these if you do not.
          9. Password box will appear, enter the password for the system.  The default for the system for a 2Wire is usually the Wirless Network Key.
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            You can also try by login in as an administrator then going to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) -> Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software -> Modify -> then UNcheck Wi-Fi Protected Setup.