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    Upgrade from a Celeron D 3.2 - Q9400



      Model Name

      : GA-G31M-S2L



      M/B Rev

      : 1.0

      BIOS Ver

      : F7

      Serial No.

      : SN0747405773

      Purchase Dealer




      VGA Brand

      : Nvidia      Model : 8600GTS 512MB

      CPU Brand

      : Intel      Model : Q9400       Speed : 2.66Ghz

      Operation System

      : Vista 32-bit      SP :

      Memory Brand

      :       Type : DDRII

      Memory Size

      : 2 x 1GB      Speed : DM8400

      Power Supply

      : 500 W


      I have been running this motherboard for over a year with a Intel Celeron D 3.2Ghz fine. Ive decided to upgrade to the Q9400 "Yorkfield". I have flashed my bios to version F7 in order to be compatible with the new processor. I have also tried F9/F10a but reverted back to F7 as thats whats listed for the processor.


      The computer will boot but randomley freezes during post, it also doesnt always go into BIOS and when it does it will freeze while in BIOS(When it fails to go into BIOS i either get a complete black screen or a small DOS input graphic on the top left corner. This will sit their until i restart the PC).


      Sometimes it freezes just after the RAM check, sometimes while discovering IDE/SATA connection's. Sometimes on the ACP Controller in PCI Devices Listing or on "Building DMI Pool............" But no further than this with the new processor.


      I have stripped the system down to the bare minimum. Motherboard/processor/harddrive(With a working Vista os) I have also set the BIOS to Fail-Safe Defaults and Optimised defaults with no success.


      I can boot to CD (If it doesnt freeze before pressing F12) but it will freeze while booting from the CD.


      If i put my old Celeron back in, the system will boot fine into the os. I am now at a loss to why this wont work and hoped you can help diagnose the symptoms.


      Please Help.


      Many Thanks,


      Adam Richardson