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    DQ57TM & i7-870 overheating


      i7-870 (stock fan, no overclock)

      DQ57TM (BIOS updated to TMIBX10H.86A)

      2x2gb ADATA RAM

      FX3700 Quadro video

      Corsair 600w ModXtreme-Pro PSU

      XP Pro SP3


      I've recently built this system and it's having stability issues.  I installed the Intel Desktop Utilities to check the temps, the VR temp is reporting too high (was idling at 62c).  The CPU was also in the  high 40's idle and 60's under load so I removed the stock thermal paste and put some Arctic Silver 5 on (and I have since rechecked this).


      Now at idle IDU reports:


      CPU  39c

      PCH 59c

      VR  55c

      Mem  32c


      However, under load when I try to run PCMark2005 it aborts halfway through with a VR over temp error reporting saying it is exceeding 64c.


      In the BIOS real-time hardware monitor letting it idle for 5 minutes reports this:


      CPU  83c

      PCH  59c

      VR   87c

      memory  32c


      +12v  12.281v

      +5v    5.115v

      +3.3v  3.409v

      +1.5v  1.525v

      PCU 1 Vccp  1.109v


      CPU fan  ~1200rpm

      Chassis inlet  ~1300rpm

      Chassis outlet ~1100rpm


      The only other oddity I can find is a missing system device in Device Manager there is an unknown device.  General tab calls it 'Location: on Intel(R) Q57 Express Chipset LPC Interface'; Details tab has 'ACPI\PNP0C31\1' in the box.  (There is another instance Intel(R) Q57 Express Chipset LPC Interface' that seems to be installed correctly under system devices.)



      I have another i7-870/DP55SB system I posted here yesterday that was having other unrelated issues but seems to run cool.  What can I do to get this particular system cool?



      Edit:  I have rebooted it back into Windows and IDU reports at idle after 5 minutes:


      CPU  43c

      PCH  59c

      VR  58c  (though it did report another error over 64c after 2 minutes of just idling)

      Mem  34c

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          I have just replaced the motherboard with a new one of the same model and booted up.  IDU reports:


          CPU  59c

          PCH  59c

          VR   70c  'over threshold'

          mem  34c


          I wasn't trusting one set of DDR3 (some Patriot DDR3) that I had previously so I also exhanged it for some Kingston 1.5v (


          This begs the question of what might I be doing wrong?  Is it possible my CPU is faulty in some way?

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            Just swapped in the second pair of CPU/HSF in this system, then my other PSU.  Still the same.  Reading on the internet now about how these HSF units are considered by some to be very inadequate....but even at idle?  Really?  Thoughts or experiences anyone?

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              For the record I have determined that the three DQ57TM boards have something wrong with them and have returned them all.


              I brought my personal system in to work and swapped my i5-750 into the DQ57TM and it acted just as the i7-870's did with VR overheating warnings.  I also put the i7-870 into my system (Foxconn P55MX) and it ran perfect with good temps, around 38c at idle for the CPU.