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    i3-530 + GA-H55N-USB3 random rainbow screen


      Good day!


      My apologies for not-so-good english.


      My system:
      MB - GA-H55N-USB3
      CPU - i3-530
      Cooling - Fan box-like
      RAM - 2x2Gb DDR3-1333
      HDD - 1Tb
      Case+PSU - Coolermaster RC-100 (150W, through 12V - 10A)
      Monitor - Acer V223w (1680x1050, connected via DVI)
      System - WinXP SP3 with all the latest updates


      The problem is the following:
      When playing World of Warcraft, sometimes, the screen starts to shine with different colors. like rainbow. Only reboot helps. Sometimes you can spend a couple of hours  in-game and nothing happened, sometimes after 5 minutes of the game it happens. For the first time it happened, even without running applications, just at boot (immediately after installing a clean OS, after installing the drivers does not happened again).
      Thought maybe it overheated and use Everest during the game - nothing bad (cores 45-50, GMCH - 40-45, aux - about 40, the temperature of the integrated video core is not controlled as I understand, or just have not found its name).
      There is also a possible shortage of power supply, have checked its output voltage under load (WOW and tried Linx for CPU burn), also all within normal limits. A more powerful PSU is not available, but I want to try.


      What else could be the problem?