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    BIOS update...Please help


      In the past, I've always had to use the .iso CD image to update the BIOS on both my DP45SG and DG45ID because the update never takes when using the Express Update within Windows even though it says it does after the reboot is complete. The 0131 update for DG45ID does not have this option. I tried using the iFlash option with a USB flash drive, but I cannot figure out how to make my flash drive bootable.


      The Read Me file says something about a RUN.BAT file and an .exe file that you need to run before copying iFlash and the .bio file to the flash drive, but they are not included within the .zip file. The only files included are ID0131P.BIO, ID0131P.ITK, and IFLASH2.EXE. Can someone please help me figure out how to implement this update?

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          After spending about 3 hours last night trying to figure out how to make bootable media in order to get this done, I reread the Read Me file. I guess I had skipped over the F7 BIOS option. All I had to do was enter the motherboard setup, go to Advanced>Boot configuration and enable Display F7 to Update BIOS. Then from the splash screen at startup, I just hit F7 to access my flash drive.


          The only thing that confused me from there was that I only saw two options on-screen: 1) Refresh list of flash media and (2) Exit F7 BIOS Update. After a few minutes of confusion as to why my flash drive was not displayed, I pressed the up arrow so that nothing on the screen was selected. I pressed Enter and it opened my flash drive to show the .bio update file. All is good now.

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            Glad that all is good. I had trouble updating the BIOS via window method, but the flash drive method was a charm.

            BTW, you don't need to enable the F7 to display, just hit F7 anyway and it will give you the flash drive.