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    SR-IOV drivers for 82576 and 82599



      I am trying to test a board for virtualization with the 1G 82576 and 10G 82599 Ethernet controllers on board.

      The focus is purely to develop a test (like external loopback) to determine if all the virtual functions would work as expected when SR-IOV is enabled within the BIOS.

      I would not be running any Guest OS as part of this.


      The board is running RedHat Linux Enterprise Server 5.3 (Kernel - 2.6.18).

      My questions are -

      1. Is it required to install virtualization package for RedHat Linux - Zen or KVM ? There would be no guest OS and would like to use Linux to test the virtual and physical interfaces?

      2. I have the opensource SR-IOV drivers for the controllers. Is it sufficient to load these drivers on RH 5.3 and not have any kernel support as explained in my first question?




      Thank You!