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    Upgrade T5250 to T5800 processor


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      I know you do not recommend changing processor notebooks, but I really want to help me with this issue ..


      I have a Hp Pavilion Laptop Dv6648Se and what I found out has a processor "Intel T5250" of 1.5 GHz and 667 Mhz bus ..
      I bought two memory modules of 2 GB ram each model "Kingston KTH-ZD8000C6-2G" so in total I have 4GB of ram.
      Everything else as a hard drive and other accessories factory is as original as it is this model.
      My concern is:
      I  would like to know how advisable it would update this a more powerful  processor, online watch the "Intel T5800" 2GHz and 800MHz bus and now I  have chance to purchase. Where  I would love to get advice on this issue of compatibility with the  motherboard to see if I stay with the original wine or if it supports  this new "Intel T5800" ...
      In advance thank you for your help ..
      And I expect your prompt response ..