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    DP55SB making noise




      2x2gb Patriot 'Sector 5' PC3-10666 RAM


      Corsair Fatality 550w psu

      C300 64gb SSD


      Windows XP Pro


      I've just set this pc up and it sounds like I have a 74gb Raptor defragging.  It is silent at boot until about 2 seconds into the Windows load progress screen.  It is also silent if I start running certain apps like AS SSD, or for a half second or so as I start Office apps.  Installing programs will cause momentary pauses in this sound.  I've isolated it to be the motherboard - I've checked all the other components and all the fans and it is definitely the motherboard.


      I read about similar issues with other motherboards with high pitched noise or 'squeezing' sounds that were fixed with BIOS updates.  My board came with the 5/21/2010 BIOS and I tried downgrading to the 4/1/2010 BIOS to no avail.  Is there a specific tweak within the BIOS to try?


      Is there any solution to this, or should I return the board?