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    Graphics Schemes No Longer Available?


      Have Intel 4 Series on an HP Tablet PC.  Schemes were working perfectly fine for us and now they're gone.


      Was really dissapointed to see support for graphics schemes removed.  I have several tablet PCs and the newest one, the HP, has the 4 Series graphics chip.  Schemes have dissapeared and I relied on them to manage the many different environments my wife uses the machine in.  She's a professional speaker and frequently finds herself using the same 5 or 6 sets of external monitor and/or projector configurations for her tablet PC.  Using Right click > Select Scheme > Scheme Name was terribly convenient.


      I ran the support organization for a mobile computing company that manufactured tablet PCs for several years and am quite familiar with their use and capabilities.  Tablets are frequently used in scenarios where this feature makes sense. I hope an alternative is presented to customers in the near future.


      For the time being I'm dissapointed, and may simply revert to the older drivers until a solution appears.


      Jay in Austin, Tx