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    Intel Modular Server, extremely low disk performance


      Good day to all.


      Got stuck up with a problem. We obtained a new intel modular server chasis, filled it up almost to a maximum, and were ready to deploy.. but - got stuck up with an unusual problem - disk performance was way too offset, and way to slow.


      My config is as follows:


      1x MFSYS25 (the main unit itself)


      2х AXXSCM3S (modular server storage controller module)


      2x AXXSW1GB (modular server gigabit Ethernet switch)


      1x Intel modular server management module


      14x HDD(seagate SAS 300gb ST9300603SS)


      6x MFS5520VI (compute modules)


                      Compute modules config(identical on all of them)


                                     2x Xeon X5650


                                    2x 8Gb DDR-III ECC (KVR1333D3D4R)


                                    1x Mezzanine Card (INAXXGBIOMEZV)


      What i did: Created one 7 disk pool, and created one RAID0 array that utilizes all the available disk space in that pool, pls see the screenshot attached(layout.png). (BTW - i'm unable to insert an image into a forum message, sorry for that..)


      Connected the RAID0 disk to a server, which has a clean Win 2008 R2 installation with only drivers installed. An ran some tests.. The results are drastically low.. Speeds are only about 45MB/s peaking at 50MB/s.. and that is for RAID0 7disk array!!!.. Pls see the test screens attached (test1 & test2).


      All the drivers and the firmware are up to date, the platform firmware is of the latest 6.5, and the drivers are latest from an intel support site. Any ideas how to resolve this mystical low performance issue? I'm unable to use the server platfrom, as i do need a lot of disk performance, to satisfy my hyper-v and DB clustering needs... Thx a lot in advance for helping in resolving this issue!


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          I am having this same exact issue? Where you able to reslove?

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            Unfortunately no. The oficial reply from intel tech support was: not an issue, as the disk subsystem was designed for large iops number rather than linear disk performance. To translate this into a normal mans language - the problem is there, but nothing they can do about it.


            Eventually bought two more modular platforms A SAS switch and an external disk array. The modulars are still great for their money.

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              Hi olafnew,


              I share your poor I/O experience on MFSYS25. Eventually I found out that the less disks you put in the single storage pool, the better performance you get. Having this said I have three pools with four SATA 2.5" disks (I also use Seagate Constellation). Disks are created as RAID-10 and I am able to achieve 100 MB/s read in synthetic file operations tests (like HD Tune Pro) so it's not that bad.


              Previously I also used to experiment with RAID-5 disks. The important thing to note here is that the performance is dramatically degraded when a RAID-5 pool is running with one disk missing. This is not the case with RAID-10 which works well during degrated period and rebuilds very fast. I do not recommend RAID-5 unless you really need as much storage space as possible AND redundancy at the same time. I've never tried RAID-0 though so can't comment on your scenario.


              Hope this info helps you a bit




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                have you tried with even numbers of harddisk for RAID 0?