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    Intel Entry Storage SS4200E 4 Disks Failure message




      i had an intel entry storage ss4200e up and running for almost one-year. The last few days i experienced some minor glitches with accessing shared folders on the device in question but i did not pay so much attention since the device itself reported (through its web interface) that all 4 1 TB disks installed are ok. Last night we had a power outage and the storage device closed completely. Upon reboot, it showed a message that the disks are being reconstructed, which insisted for 4 hours almost always remaining at 0%. I restarted the server (once through the web interface and a second time by shutting it down)  and after that orange lights lighted for all hard drives and the message ""Data on your device is unavailable. 4 disks on the device have existing data that will need to be overwritten to re-enable storage. Click here to authorize overwriting existing data." appeared. I researched a little bit on the Internet and found the following:



      From what i read i concluded that the particular storage device has a problem which derives either from a firmware persective (the device stucks at some point in time when set in raid 5) or from a firmware and hardware perspective (the case where one drive fails and the device fails to report which one). Since i found two solutions (hardware resetting the device or finding the faulty drive) i decided to try and find the faulty drive by checking my 4 drives one by one and replacing the faulty one if found. Otherwise i will try to hardware reset the device and hope that i do not lose a small portion of data that i have not backed up and are crucial. Since i saw a number of users facing the same problem i would like to ask the following:

      1. Does the particular entry storage device have a particular firmware problem in reporting a faulty disk when in Raid 5?

      2. Will a hardware reset be dangerous concerning my data and if yes, is there any other way to fix the problem without losing valuable data?

      3. Is there any other firmware problem connected with the particular entry storage device that might cause this problem?


      Thanks in advance,

      A. Chrys

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          I'm not aware of any firmware problem in reporting a faulty disk when in Raid 5.


          Are you talking about resetting with hte reset button on the back of the system? If so, the reset button has two functions reset and recovery.
          To reset, boot the system and when fully booted, press and hold rear panel reset button until power LED begins to blink. System will reset the configuration and reboot. This performs configuration reset of the system. It resets administrator password, device name, restores to DHCP mode (IP configuration reset).

          To perform a recovery, remove any and all externally attached devices (USB) and reboot system. As system reboots, *immediately* press and hold rear panel reset button when the front panel LEDs begin to blink. Hold until LEDs turn off (~5 seconds). The recovery restores runtime images from most recent backup set. It boots to a backup image and updates primary images from backup set (last working set). If system is restarted from backup images configuration changes made since this image was created will not be available. Shares kept on disk will not be affected though.


          If you're able to get the GUI working you can obtain system diagnostic files for issue investigation and troubleshooting:
          Specifically check the disks and RAID there.




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            Thanks for your answer.

            Unfortunately the system does not seem to work, even with degraded firmware, as it reports even a new disk as faulty.

            I think it is a firmware issue when with 4 disks installed and one broken the system either reports all disks faulty or all disks healthy.

            I am sending the unit for replace or repair. Hope when it comes back i am able to recover my data. Was not expecting something like that from an intel machine.

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              The SS4200-E is just a generic 945GZ (desktop) board chipset motherboard system, running a generic BIOS. The SATA ports are off a ICH7R South Bridge. The system runs generic Linux software RAID with a propritary (slightly modified) Linux kernel by EMC. The system firmware doesn't come much into play for the RAID. All this stuff has been done countless times.




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                Well regardless that 'it has been done countless times', way too many ppl are running into the problem of this 4 drive failure message.  So it's really in INTEL's best interest to do something about it.   It's ridiculous!!  I have now run into this problem.  I am paranoid about what step to take next as to not loose all my data on those drives.   Funny thing is, I have another server running Mirrored drives that have served me flawlessly for over 6 years.   The first power hickup that happened to the Intel, and i don't even get a proper reading for what happened.   I'm shell shocked from this.   Thinking I'd have placed my data in a relatively safe place where i'd at least get a warning to do something about a potential problem, than ALL the drives failing and now i'm screwed. 


                Does Intel have a way to resolve this?


                Does hitting reset, or the factory reset attempt to fix the problem without potentially loosing my data. 


                Please recommend steps that i can use to start addressing this... in a safe way, to retrieve my data.


                Best Regards,


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                  I also can't seem to find any information about the 'Support' Recover Disks option... What kind of danger would that cause to my data, if i run that?  I don't see any documention available on Intel site about that... and I only found the "hidden" support site tab, by search the forum.


                  Is it risky to run this feature or can it ONLY help?