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    Intel AMT 2.0 PowerOn/Off failure


      I am new to Intel AMT. I am trying to power on and power off an AMT 2.0 blade through Java but webservice is not exposing the method. I am using RemoteControlService.


      When I turn off my host using It does not reply to ping request thus can not restart it through or by using RemoteControl.exe.


      Kindly help me out I just want to power on and power off an AMT 2.0 Blade.

      kindly email me at shah_d_gr8@yahoo.co.uk

      My blade stops replying to ping request. Is there any issue with the blade/BIOS?

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          Hi Aziz, for the port to respond when in power off mode the power policy needs to be set to allow for ME to be on. by default we set power policy to be ME on is S0 only - you need to set the power policy to be On in all Sx states or at a minimum ME WOL which will take a ping to wake then send the power up command. Please check this and let me know, its one of the features in the web ui