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    Is it the motherboard or the CPU?


      Hi - I'm a computer technician and system builder - have been for 15 years. Perhaps someone out there can solve a mystery for me. Here's the scenario - I build a customer a new computer with an Intel I5 3.2 GHz processor sitting on a Gigabyte H55M-USB3 motherboard back in March 2010 - I install Windows 7 on it - customer reports the system keeps shutting down at random - anyway to make a long story short I have gone thru all the tests and machinations I can think of.....virus check, formatted Hard Disk re-installed Windows, replaced power supply, RAM, replaced the Hard drive, and the DVDRW drive - still the system shuts down. Now that narrows things down to either the motherboard or the CPU. So here's my question - is there anything, any tool, any method of determining whether the motherboard or the CPU is faulty in these circumstances? Obviously I don't want to replace the motherboard and then find the CPU is at fault - I know that it is more likely to be the motherboard - but there should be some way of figuring what the cause is!