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    D975XBX bios downgrade


      skipping long/sad/stupid/dull story

      Purchased D975XBX (XBX) as a replacement for failed D975XBX2. ...to keep the proc & mem.


      #commencecrap     ;

      No SATA ports 1,2 or 3 functioning. 0 only. has HD on it (NTFS). Suspicious that an XBX2 bios is installed on my "new/bulk server" board.

      erro msg on attemped (failed) downgrade (to what I think is the last "good" bios for an XBX) .


      BIOSID's do not match

      BX97520J.86A.2813.2008.0114.226   (present bios - for XBX2)

      BX97510J.86A.1487.yaddayadda       (Note: 975*1*0J  vice  975*2*0J )


      XBX and XBX2 appear similar but the XBX appears to be an older/simpler, paired-down version.


      &yes I have:

      Cleared pwd's in maintainence. Including AMT.

      Cleared CMOS.

      Attempted (XBX) Recovery Bios.

      Cobbled together USB stick and legacy floppy to get this far..


      Is there a setting in the defaulted AMT that I need to change to get the downgrade to go through?

      ... haven't been back to the AMT boot to see if the defaulted "admin" password works.


      oh yaBTW. Anyway to get the XBX2 repaired. Had an RMA (1001795121) from 2008 I stupidly did not use...


      TIA, best, M