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    Adding an external antenna to Intel 5300 mini PCI-E card for improved performances?



      Few month ago I upgraded my DELL Inspiron 1520 laptop with a new Intel WiFi Link 5300 mini PCI-e card (full size).

      The main reason was to utilize 802.11n network and possibly gain better performances with public b/g networks (utilizing the 3 built in antennas and newer card technology).


      Still, in many occasions I'm working on sites with weak WiFi signals and very few networks (mainly 802.11b/g).


      I wondered if by connecting an additional high gain external antenna  (perhaps directional or amplified unidirectional)  I can enhance the reception and number of discovered networks?

      ( while still using the same Intel 5300 card -instead of going for one of these High Gain USB WiFi adapters commonly seen on the net)


      The way I'm planning to do this is by connecting some kind of small "pigtail" extension to one of the mini card antenna sockets  - this will go outside the card bay cover and into the external antenna when needed. Most of the time it'll be disconnected however...


      If this idea is possible - please recommend:

      1) Which of the mini card antenna sockets is most suitable for this "Auxiliary" external antenna?

      2) What kind of antenna is recommended to enhance the signal for general use?

      3) Is it possible to use a "splitter" cable  instead so the 3rd internal antenna will still be connected while having the option to connect the external antenna when a better Rx is needed?


      Thank you for your help,