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    DX58SO - VT feature




      I have DX58SO MoBo with i7 920. I purchased this configration just for the purpose of virtualization. The problem is that in the BIOS settings the VT and VT-d feature is enabled but when I verify it using Vmware it says the VT is not enabled. The x64 bit virtual machines does not start.


      I have updated the BIOS to the latest one (31/08/2010) also done the power cycle but still can't get the VT feature to work.


      Is there any update that can solve this issue? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


      Thanks again,

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          Hi nickyallstar,


          The DX58SO board and i7 920 processor with the 5456 version (31/08/2010) BIOS all support VT.  What version of VMWare are you using?

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            Thanks for the reply Matt,


            Yes, it does fully support VT. I am using Vmware ESX 4.1, I have tried it on the 4.0 also. The ESX does install successfully but the x64 bit VM's does not start inside that ESX saying the VT is not enabled in the BIOS whereas the VT is fully enabled inside BIOS.


            Thank you,

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              A couple more questions for you:


              1. Is ESX running natively on the hardware or inside another VM such as VMWare server/workstation? (this is possible but only works on 32-bit VMs).

              2. Do you have the exact error message or a screenshot of the error message you are seeing?

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                Thanks Matt,


                Here are the answers:


                1. Yes, I am running Vmware ESX inside the Workstation 7.0. The screenshot attached 'Intel.jpg'.

                2. Yes, all messages and errors are attached.


                I have a small datacenter at home inside Vmware workstation where I have 2 ESX 4.0 running and few other machines including Virtual Center (Creating this virtual datacenter was the whole idea of buying this PC). The funny thing is everything was running perfect until few weeks back when suddenly the x64 bit machines stoped running and they did not power since then.


                I have done almost all the troubleshooting but couldn't get this to work. And this is the reason I updated the BIOS thinking it might solve the problem.



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                  Hi nickyallstar,


                  Running ESX as a nested VM inside of VMWare Workstation 7.0 is supported (according to VMWare documentation) but only if the nested VM is 32-bit.  You can read more about this on the VMWare communities site here: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-8970


                  Hope this helps!