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    larggest supported HDD size for P4 3.20GHz?


      Hi ! I need some help. I have an older desktop setup that still runs great, but I'd like to add a new internal HDD. I have an open SATA port on my MB, so I went to my local PC shop & was told that my processor would limit adding a second internal HDD over 160GB. They said that anything over that would require a new processor (and hence a new motherboard, etc). Sounded like the guy was just trying to make a sale on my upgrading, so thought I would ask here first.


      Here is my setup:

      P3 3.20GHz 800MHz 512KB cache

      3 GB RAM

      MB= Asus P4P800-E Deluxe (ATX/Socket478/865PE)

      ATI all-in-wonder RADEON 9800Pro

      160GB 7200rpm HDD

      running Windows 7 Pro


      Like I said, the system works great for what I use it for, so not looking to upgrade anything. I have 2 TB on an external HDD (usb), but don't like to leave that running 24-7, as its for backup only. The MC has an open SATA slot & the case has an open drive bay, so I'm looking to add a second internal HDD (up to 1.5 TB if I can). Being slightly suspicious of the story from the local PC shop, but not PC-keen enough to know for myself, I'd just like to know what maximum size secondary internal HDD I can use with my setup.


      Thanks for the help !!!