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    dual channel issues


      bought a dp55kg mobo and came with 2 ocz gold pc10666 ddr3 ram sticks. boots wen only 1 of the 2 is populated alone....if i populate both slots, i get error message and either no boot or boot without recognizing all ram......wtf??

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          i haven't looked at it in any detail, but maybe u populated the slots wrong. i think the blue slots should be populated first in dis case.

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            Wow i have same issue it only sees one stick I also have a dp55kg and I just started having this problem it also posts 30 on the mother board.I have the first blue one populated and it doesnt even see the 2nd one and i've tried two different sticks.

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              There is something about Intel BIOS's that have a problem with DDR3 Ram that is 10666, You have to use 10600, or you can get all kinds of problems, Not sure why unless it's the66Mhz moore on the RAM , But everytime I've seen this using 10600 Ram fixed the problem.

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                ok first couple of boots and it didnt recognize it....(i had both blue slots populated) now yesterday i turn it on and magically win7 sees 8 gigs instead of 4=) idk y idk how but it fixed itself.....wish i knew how so i could help u guys out

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                  another post in the tigerdirect forum: Bought this board after weeks of looking at what was available. I like the performance I am getting. At 1st POST had only a minor problem with memory but after I booted the system and updated the BIOS (was easy with Intel auto updater) Then I was able to install all my memory with no problems


                  Also try matching them up in in alternate slots which worked for me as a temp fix until I can troubleshoot the board a bit. 1 blue 1 black