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    i7-920 2.67 Ghz -- Automatic Overclocking Problem


      I bought my i7 processor and dx58so motherboard 4 months back , it was all working fine untill i updated my bios.

      Once i updated my bios, the processor automatically enabled Intel SpeedStep® Technology. When i disabled it,My computer failed to start, after repeated attempt when it started , i noticed that whenever i started a heavy job my processor seed gets upto 2.97 GHZ , my bus speed has increased to 135 from default 133 and the multiplier keeps on switching itself (maximum it goes to 22). It seems that my system has been overclocked, but i don't want my system like this, i need it to run on 2.67 GHz only as whenever i start a heavy program my core temperatures increases upto 80 degrees celcius.


      Please help me in this!!!