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    Delayed Win 7 Boot after install iata96enu.exe - EDITED


      Have just upgraded via this executable from chipset to and now in Windows 7 the boot hangs.  It pauses on the 4 color graphic logo which says "Windows Startup" for about 30 seconds.  This is on an SSD hard drive.  When I roll back to the prior driver, the 90 second delay disappears.  Thoughts?  Help???


      My setup - ASUS P6T Deluxe - Bios 1605 - Intel I7 920 - Windows 7 Professional


      UPDATE - I'm finding the Intel RST disk manager reporting my second HDD correctly as a 500 Gb drive but the Windows Computer Disk Manager reporting that same drive as not initialized and 931 Gb!


      UPDATE 2 - So I removed the 500 Gb drive and she booted very promptly.  So I reattached 3 additional HDD's (2 Seagate and 1 WD SATA drives) and now the Intel RST manager again correctly represents the drives but the Win& Computer disk Manager reports only one of the Seagate drives correctly, still shows the second drive as a 1 Tb drive needing to be initialized, and doesn't even show the third drive - all 500 Gb drives.