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    Is it OK to download a new BIOS version for Intel D945GCNL motherboard?


      Now, I have a priority question on BIOS update. During boot, I entered the BIOS setup by pressing 'F2' and checked the current BIOS version of my PC's Intel D945GCNL motherboard and found it as "NL94510J.86A.0010.2007.0523.1650." As the third segment of the BIOS version is the current BIOS version I realized that my current BIOS version is 0010. Then, I examined this version through Intel download center by clicking and navigating, Desktop Boards -> Intel 945 Express Chipset Family Boards -> Discontinued Products -> Intel Desktop Board D945GCNL, and thereafter clicking and navigating again, Windows XP Professional -> BIOS and understood that I have the Initial production BIOS release for my PC's Intel D945GCNL motherboard, which was released on May 23, 2007.


      Intel download center indicates that for Intel D945GCNL motherboard with Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS, there is a latest BIOS version NL94510J.86A.0036.2009.1231.1407, stated as BIOS version 0036 and released on December 31, 2009. Is it OK to download this new BIOS version?


      The reason to ask this BIOS update was caused by a sudden severe error in my PC, which has the genuine version of Windows XP Professional (Version 2002, Service Pack 3). It encountered a severe error when I inserted a "3G USB-modem Huawei E1550 HSDPA USB Stick" (compilation firmware), that was supplied by a Mobile Broadband Service here, in my PC. That sudden error had the potential to blackout display and showed a Windows Error Message and thereafter screened a Microsoft Support Webpage saying "Consider updating the BIOS version."


      I am not familiar with the Computer Software/Hardware. Please help me in this matter.