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    USB port not working after hibernate on DP55KG


      After installing the latest Bios version KGIBX10J.86A for the DP55KG, the USB ports sometimes do not work after waking up from Hibernate.

      This means: sometimes the keyboard, other times the mouse does not work when the computer is switched on, and was hibernated before.

      Additional Info:

      Windows 7 64bit goes to hibernate, then I kill the power via a multiple socket with a switch.

      aking up the computer is done by switching on power again, with bios setting "Power On" after power loss.

      I did not test if the problem disappears when I do not kill the power after hibernating, as this would not be a viable solution.

      The release notes for this bios version state: "Improved BIOS boot time ~1.7 seconds", so there may be a problem with a missing reinit of the USB ports?

      Going back to the previous Bios version fixes the problem.


      Is this a known problem?