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    Cortez 945G Mobo bios help

      Hi, i have a Gateway GT5054B, with the Cortez 945G Mobo, I recently upgraded to Windows 7 (64 bit) and im getting a "32bit Away mode" issue, W7 is advising that i turn the away mode function off.


      The question is, since I'm unfamiliar with BIOS', where do i navigate to after pressing F2 on start up, to turn the Away mode off?


      Further more the BIOS i have is the NT94510J.15A.0109, is this the latest BiOS for this mobo or is there a more recent one?

      Will updating the BIOS help with this issue?


      I have been to gateway to ask for help but they were terrible, only directed me to thier support web page and couldn't/wouldn't give any useful advice.


      Thanks in advance for your help and time reading this noob question.