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    DH55HC Memory Issue




      recently I've built a machine based on Intel DH55HC MB and Core i5-680 processor. I've tried to use a pair of Mushkin Silverline DIMM's (2x4Gb) on this combo and it only booted with one DIMM installed to channel B. On another MB (some Asus with 3420 chipset) togther with a Core i7-860 the Mushkin DIMM's run without a problem. Later I used a second pair of DIMM's from the list of tested memory (G. Skill Ripjaws Kit 2x2Gb). This memory only runs with one or both DIMM's placed on channel B. If I use them in any other configuration the MB either powers up and does not POST nor beep at all, or it does repeatedly cylce power without POST or beep.

      Is there anyone who got this particular MB to work in a standard dual channel memory configuration?


      Thanx in advance,