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    P6000/U5400 graphics


      The documentation of graphics capabilities for Arrandale CPUs baffles me.  The datasheets for all Arrandale list the same capabilities in section 1.3.5, including hardware acceleration for MPEG2, WMV9/VC1, AVC.  The Core processors all show ICVT HD on ark.intel.com.  The P6000 and U5400 show ICVT.  ICVT HD is described at http://www.intel.com/technology/graphics/ctv.htm.  I don't see a discussion of ICVT.  All Arrandale processors show Intel HD Graphics.  A page describing Intel HD Graphics (http://www.intel.com/technology/graphics/intelhd.htm) says it is on 2010 Core processors...no mention of non-Core.  However, some of the capabilities listed on that page seem to be ICVT HD, not ICVT, so it seems to be a description of Intel HD Graphics for Core only.  Does anyone know whether this is the case?  Is there a page somewhere that describes Intel HD Graphics for non-Core processors that don't support ICVT HD?  I am interested in low-end home theater capabilities, so decoding Blu-Ray and Flash are musts, but an thinking of using a notebook or netbook rather than having a machine 100% dedicated to my TV room.  I am not looking for advice on the "right" processor, just facts about the capabilities (and non-capabilities) of P6000/U5400.  Thanks!