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      Can somebody help me regarding Intel's Warranty.  This is my first time trying to do an RMA with intel.  Can somebody give me other phone numbers that I can reach high level support agents or even the head office of Intel. 

      Is it always this difficult to do an RMA with Intel?  If it is always like this for an RMA, maybe I should stay away from Intel products after this experience?



      I purchased the processor which from a local computer store (Anitec) on April 17 2009.  Intel says that I purchased the processor that was out of warranty in 2008.  In the warranty information which came with my Pentium D processor it says that the 3 year warranty starts from the date of purchase.  On the box of  the processor it says the pack date was April 19, 2006, which would make it still in warranty when I purchased the processor.  So why am I being denied my processor being replaced under warranty?  Nowhere does it say my warranty is 3 years from the date the date of manufacturing. 


      In every explaination, they told me that the processor was manufactured in 2005 and that is why I am being denied warranty.  Upon looking at up the processor on the intel website, it says that it was launched in 2006 (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27518).  On the box, it says the processor was packed on Apr 16, 2006 which is 3 years minus 2 days after I purchased it


      No customer support agent answers my question directly and say that their Corporate Security Department made the decision and they cannot tranfer me to them.


      They say things like this in the live chat:

      -Unfortunately, as per our Corporate Security Department we cannot validate the proof of purchase.

      Also, as per the markings of the product it was manufactured on 2005 so the end of the warranty would be


      -We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. Unfortunately we are not able to replace

      this item

      -We recommend to verify the product information in our website before buying any product. You will

      find the launched date and status

      -Sorry. We are not able to transfer any Customer to this Department. We have received their

      resolution and the warranty was rejected








      This was the repsonse I got from a supervisor. 


      Dear ____ (name removed for security),


      As per the information from your processor, this product is out of warranty. The product is dated 2005 so the 3 year warranty is already terminated.
      As per your invoice, you bought this product in 2009; however, we cannot approve the warranty because the product was sold when it was already out of warranty.
      We strongly recommend you to claim the warranty with the place of purchase and ask them why they sold a product that was already out of warranty.
      We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. If you need more information please contact us back.




      _____  (name removed)

      Intel Customer’s Support Manager