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      I am a total a total computer "no hope" and am sure this thread has been covered before but cannot seem to find it. On booting up my desktop computer which is pretty old ( inherited from my mother -in-lawon her death) and it comes with Windows XP home edition 2002 version I had the serious error notice come up. It turns out that the Intel Storage Driver is not working properly. I have managed to find out that Intel no longer has anything to do with this "Ultra ATA Storage Driver " and I assume I need to install a newer version. Is this a good assumption? What happens if I dont do this? If I do how do I find out what to install and how do I go about it.

      If anyone has the patience to talk me through this I would be gratefull as I dont want to give up on myself and take it into a store.

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          Not really enopught info here to get you many specific pointers, but in general, you need to know who made the system (or at lease the mother board) and check the support site for that product. Most have a secton of EOL products which would also have the drivers for the older platforms.


          You can also check sites like http://www.driverguide.com/ where member (free) can post and down drivers.


          This is assuming it is a missing driver.  This could also be a number of virus/ trojans programs that try to get you to buy their "sercuity fix software"

          You may want to try booting into "safe" mode (hold F8 key while booting) and see if it will go all the way into widows.

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            Thank you Doc-for answering me. The system is made by Intel and the driver( Intel Ultra Storage driver 8280DB) is no longer being updated or serviced. I have been to their site and ended up being totally confused by all the products on offer.They stae that there is no more support for that particular driver but dont seem to tell me what I should do instead.I cant seem to find a way to ask them a question about it. I dont even know what you mean by EOL products.

            This whole situation was brought to my notice by Windows when I started the computer and stated that a serious error had occured and directed me after I reported it to Intel who informed me that that driver was no longer being seviced.So this does not seem to be a security thing.An option I was given was to uninstall the driver but feel I should not do that until I have something else to replace it with.I looked at the driverguide site but how do I know that is safe?

            Any suggestions?

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              EOL = end of life

              When they say that driver is "no longer being updated" for an older board, it just means you will likly have trouble if you trying to load a newer OS than the board was designed to run (Vista or Windows7), but the older driver for XP should still be around (assuming the board supported XP in the first place, not windows 95 ).


              I am not an expert on desktop boards, put the 8280D is also called an ICH4.

              I suspect you are looking for this driver set  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=816&DwnldID=8178&lang=eng which supports the ICH4 and the IDE controller in it.


              If its not the right set, it just won't install.