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    Glitch Driving Me Nuts - Like Ahab and the Whale


      It all started innocently enough.  I pushed my on button on my pc (D865PERL) and the fan starts whirring and everything seems normal except the it doesn't boot.  Here's the insane part -  When it is stalled like that, I push the reset button...still no monitor.  It's only when I push the reset button AND hit the eject button on the DVD player ...then (and only then) does it boot fast and perfectly.  Nothing out of the ordinary in Events, completely reformated the C drive and reinstalled XP along with all my drivers, made sure my bios was updated along with other motherboard support files, changed the IDE position of my DVD player, checked CMOS for any settings that look abnormal, especially boot sequences out of order.  Look, I know I can just "walk away" because my pc is working just fine except for this.  I can even call it kind of a security feature since no one can turn my box on without knowing the "reset button-eject button" sequience.  Just not yet (-:   If anyone has any suggestions or has seen this before, please let me know.  Thanks.

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