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    DOS driver problem with Intel 82577LM Gigabit Network Adapter


      Hi I am a system builder and I use a DOS boot disk in order to connect to my ghost sessions (ghostcast  I have found the latest series of laptops seems to have a connection drop issue when using the DOS drivers from Intel's site (although the DOS drivers directly from Intel are much more stable than the ones available at Lenovo which haven't been updated in quite some time).


      What happens is that the card will see the server, connect, seemingly transfer the data fine but suddenly drop out at a random interval.  I finish the ghost session without a drop in probably 1 out of 2 cases, and typical ghost session lasts roughly a half hour to transfer the image to the computer.


      I saw that there was an Intel engineer that posted a reply stating a fix would be coming out for the Windows versions of the driver, but didn't see anything listed about the DOS version.  Looking around online, I found that this issue was posted elsewhere on a few other system builder message forums, with many other people having the exact same issue with the 82577LM gigabit network adapter.  My company uses both the Lenovo T410's, X201's, as well as the Dell E6410's etc. which all use this network adapter.  Previous to the latest laptops having 82577LM network adapter, this issue never happened in my computer lab.


      Since the engineers are looking at the windows driver, can you please take a look at the DOS driver as well and see if you can fix the issue?  Since the problem is intermittent it's very hard to find the exact cause of why it's happening.