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    X25M 80gb G2 DIPM issue U35JC


      I recently buy an Asus u35jc corei5,win764 bit laptop.I install a x25m 80gb g2 ssd on it..When i check ssd toolbox it says ''laptop system detected.the DIPM status cannot be determined.Intel recommends DIPM be enabled for Intel SSDs.See your system documentation for enabling DIPM for yoru SSd.'' How do i enable DIPM?I am using rst drivers..Any help will appreciated...

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          Hello, regarding the question that you have about the DIPM option in your system, I would like to let you know that this option does not have a very high impact in the ssd functionality, in addition with the new Solid State Drive Toolbox 2.0 under the system configuration tuner you can check the status and if needed this tool will enable or disable this option from there.


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            Hi I have an X25M 160GB with the same issue. I really want to know how to enable DIPM on a laptop system or know if I have it enabled already. I don't really care if the performance upgrade is minimal, I just want to know that I got everything as optimal as possible. Thanks.