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    DG965OT FSB Speed


      I have a "new" system I finished cobbling together from bits and pieces bought in various places.  Everything in it is technically used but so far it seems to be running and it came up the very first time I powered it up.


      The MB is an Intel DG965OT.  I am running a Core 2 Duo E7500 on it with 2GB of RAM.  I currenty have Windows Vista installed and it seems to be doing OK.


      My question regards, the FSB speed.  According to the setup utility it is running at 400MHZ.  Now I know that technically Intel only certfied the mobo for CPU up to E6700 but before I bought the CPU I confirmed that memory speeds and FSB speeds were compatible.  The 7500 came out after the mobo was discontinued so I would not expect  Intel to have spent the money to certify CPUs more recent than the board.


      Is there any way to confirm what speed the FSB really is running at?  Is there any way to alter the speed if, indeed, it actually IS running at the measly 400MB that the setup utility (F2) is reporting?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      B Mullins